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Intellisqa is one of the most affordable Website Design Company in India   . We use a complete different service approach, which makes us a unique web design Company. We not only work to create a fabulous design work for customer, but also provide an excellent after sale service. Even your website is hosted with us, but you will be having a full control on your website. Intellisqa is one of those web design companies, who believe in transparency. One of the benefits, working with us, we provide six month FREE design changes in your website. We have very affordable website maintenance packages. You also have a choice for CMS (content management system), through which you can make changes yourself. “Web design” is the keywords to find the most affordable web design company with a remarkable customer service


If you are looking for web hosting, your search is over, because our hosting packages start form $5 per month, in which you will get three email-addresses with 250 MB space. Our focus is to provide excellent web presence to small businesses in Calgary.  Intellisqa  is one of the rare web design companies in India, who do not use templates for web design. Our every development is one of its kinds, which project a unique image of your business. Our main goal is the customer satisfaction in web design.


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Weather it is Restaurant websites, Realtor websites, Mortgage websites, Accountant websites, Beauty Salon Websites, Construction websites, Limousine Websites, Charity websites, Pizza store websites, Cleaning Companies website or any business or personal website, web design Calgary always belongs to Web Design Country.


E-commerce web development through web design company (Intellisqa ) is an easy way to increase your online sale. Attractive flash web designs, combined with e-commerce and CMS options, can take your business to new heights. All web design companies offer different services, but   Intellisqa has many extra ordinary services to offer. You can rely on our services and check our web design and development portfolio to have a peek on our work.


Quality Assurance & Software Testing

Quality assurance is a critical step in website development course of action along with, at all cost, actually should not be omitted. A new split link or perhaps a misspelled phrase may be just like insignificant error; even so, they may significantly challenge the particular reliability of your respective web site. You need people who go to your site to feel assured in relation to the standard of the information they will locate. For that  Intellisqa Provides QA Testing Services.

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Our points are to go about as an impulsion for change, to enhance administration and frameworks quality on time in the life cycle and to minimize threat and delivery expenditure.

Intellisqa  gives frameworks quality declaration and provision covering all fields of Software Testing . We will help your association at all levels of IT development to guarantee the suitability and nature of your system. We as Software Testing Company in India  , Our methodology are focused around our own attempted and-tried systems, adjusted to industry best practice.

Software Quality Assurance & Testing exercises are constantly arranged as per your association’s particular business and specialized circumstance.

  • Review Documentation
  • Build Test Group
  • Get Acknowledgment Of Software
  • Perform Basic Acceptance Test
  • Perform Designed Test
  • Deliver Assessment Outcome
  • Update Quality Assurance Status
  • File Outcomes
  • Prepare For Next Build



Systematic Exploratory Testing (SET)

Exploratory Testing or Gorilla Testing is a form of testing that has been generally neglected by bigger testing organizations in favor of a more traditional approach. SET is a way to track  , measure and formalize Exploratory Testing – sans test-cases. This makes it suitable for use by established testing teams.





The traditional approach while having many positives like easier trace-ability, established and well understood testing metrics, coverage analysis lack in two major aspect which I will describe later on.


So a best possible and recommended scenario including some form of SET along with all our traditional testing efforts.




Drawback of Traditional Testing Methods


Testing as we know it is designed around business requirements. This while a necessary aspect of testing also creates limitations. It creates a restriction, we end up testing what is required but never can we provide outlook on how to make software better. Users- trained and untrained – being human, would never stick to the book when using an application. What we, as a tester, should also test is the implicit requirements when testing. When playing it by the ear, we tend to behave much more like a normal targeted user of the software application. This would allow us to come up with suggestions for business to consider for their next release of the software and maybe some small changes even in the same time frame as the current release.


Secondly, our current testing is targeted at proving an application as defect free. We tend to forget the cardinal principle of Testing-No Amount of Testing can prove a System free of bug. Currently a lot more emphasis is given on test-cases and not on defects. Testers- human as they are – also joins the bandwagon, all efforts are directed in proving a test as “Passed”. SET is specifically designed to give the onus back to the testing teams-targets are determined by the number of Defects detected and hereby realizing the goal of testing, i.e. to find the maximum number of defects.


Why is M-Commerce testing needed?

What is M-Commerce?

In This Modern Era, Business style is changing day by day .Mobile commerce is a part of Business transaction. It is a term used for selling and buying of goods and Service s through Wireless handheld device   such as a Mobile phones and personal digital assistant .It has popularized next generation E-commerce as it enables user access to Internet without the need to plug in. Mobile acts as a catalyst for sales, though vast majority of retail purchases still happen in stores, the consumer is probed to purchase decision process increasingly through smart phones.


Top 5 Business Benefits of using M-Commerce

  1. Push notifications
  2. Instant contact:
  3. Complete Access:
  4. payment transactions
  5. Promotional Mediums:


Trendy Mobile commerce is now a revolution, which is changing the E-Commerce business approach towards customers. Hence businesses failing to provide a mobile-friendly shopping experience might become a major disadvantage.

However given the growing popularity of mobile Internet and mobile shopping, M Commerce is a more specific sub-group of E-Commerce transactions involving Smartphone’s and tablets. Mobile commerce would only bring a greater businesses value to organizations when tested and quality assured to the users.

Test Management Tools

Test Management encompasses anything and everything that we do as testers.  Our day-to-day activities include:

  1. Creating and maintaining release /project cycle /component information
  2. Creating and maintaining the test artifacts specific to each release /cycle that we have- requirements, test cases, etc.TestManagement
  3. Establishing Traceability/ Traceability and coverage between the test assets
  4. Test execution/support – test suite creation, test execution status capture, etc.
  5. Metric collection/report-graph generation for analysis
  6. Bug tracking/defect management

The above are broadly some of the tasks that involve what we call, the test management process. This process is critical, detail-oriented and instrumental is making sure that the entire testing effort is successful.

Well, the good news is, there is help available. Through this article we will try to introduce ourselves to the most commonly available tools for the test management process briefly.


Free Bug Tracking Tools

Using a bug tracking system or app within your project would at the end help you leverage from an effective and better end product. However, choosing a right bug tracking system is not at all an easy-to-go task. It requires you to consider a lot of things based on your project requirement. 001

Anthill-OS Independent– Anthill is a simple, secure, reliable, and fast bug manager based on MySQL and CGI::Secure State. Anthill is a tool that aids code development by keeping track of bugs in a multi-project, multi-developer environment. It accomplishes this with a clean, simple, and fast interface that contains all the essential features but avoids the enormous complexity associated with most other projects of this type.
BugRat-OS Independent– BugRat is free Java software that provides a sophisticated, flexible bug reporting and tracking system.
Bugs Online-Windows The Bugs– Online system is a very flexible and capable system for bug and issue tracking. Please feel free to browse through this site to become more familiar with the system and how it might be incorporated into your environment.
Bugtrack-Linux, Solaris, Windows Web-based bug tracking tool. Support multiple users, projects, components, versions and email notification
Bugzilla-TBC Bugzilla is a “Defect Tracking System” or “Bug-Tracking System”. Defect Tracking Systems allow individual or groups of developers to keep track of outstanding bugs in their product effectively.
GNU GNATS-OS Independent –GNU GNATS is a set of tools for tracking bugs reported by users to a central site. It allows problem report management and communication with users via various means. GNATS stores all the information about problem reports in its databases and provides tools for querying, editing, and maintenance of the databases
Mantis-Windows, Mac, Unix, Linux Mantis is a web-based bug tracking system. It is written in the PHP scripting language and requires the My SQL database and a web server. Mantis has been installed on Windows, Mac OS, OS/2, and a variety of Unix operating systems. Almost any web browser should be able to function as a client.
Request Tracker-OS Independent RT is an enterprise-grade ticketing system, which enables a group of people to intelligently and efficiently manage tasks, issues, and requests submitted by a community of users.
Stabilizer-Linux, Unix -The Stabilizer bug tracking system aims to quickly stabilize buggy GUI applications so that people can get real work done with them. As soon as a few people report the same bug, warnings will be issued to all users whenever they are about to trigger that bug and they will be given the opportunity to abort the input event — thus avoiding the bug altogether and keeping the application stable.
TrackIt-OS Independent Track- It is the first open source, web based project tracking tool designed from the ground up to provide maximum flexibility, customization, and most importantly, usefulness to the developer


Performance Testing

nooPerformance has become one of the key requirements for a software application and has been critical in the recent years as the technology and the business has been growing continuously.


In the Performance Testing process, we typically diagnose the performance and stability of your software, under both normal and extreme operating conditions. This allows us to assess your overall software tuning, and amend this accordingly if necessary. The process can be used to benchmark the overall performance of the system, determine the maximum number of concurrent users, and much more.


As a process of analyzing your software for performance, we use “load complete” , a tool from Smart bear which is one of the widely used tool for performance testing.


We define Virtual users (Users) in the tool and execute the script and verify the Load testing for the software. We increase or decrease the quantity of the users concurrently or incrementally based upon the requirements


No-1 software testing company in India

In the Global Market, thousands of organization builds website or Application, like as personal website, e-commerce website, channel website. Health, insurance and Mobile applications, etc.  But we can’t say, particular website is 100% built and safe for end user.  Generally, the people know only book domain, design & develop the website, host the website. Thus our website is ready for user.  But after few days, the site page shows lots of errors, performance issue, security issues, links not working, 404, 504 error page display, not user friendly, many more similar problems occurs  for user? Form not fills? Why? Why? Why?


Any thought?………

Because your software didn’t gone through proper and effective QA/testing process. This may be due to lack of time, money, budget, need, intention. So you feel oh, god what I should do now?

…………………. So, Software testing is a very important part of any website or application development.

There are many software testing company available in the Market. How can you choose? The Best software  testing company?  Don’t waist the time….  Your all QA/testing needs end up here at US.

Intellisqa is the no. 01 software testing company in India. Our company provides best software testing engineers.   Our mission is not to waste your time.  We appoint dedicated software testers having Better Testing + more eyes = More sales. This is our mission. Our work has been appreciated and awarded every time by 100s of global IT companies and industries. Our company is up to date with the latest technology and new software required for any QA process. We can assure you that our creative abilities will add to the reputation of your organization.  We provide following services with excellence expertise:

  • Test Plan, Test case, Use case, User stories and related documentation
  • Software testing
  • Agile development methodology
  • Enterprise application testing
  • Manual testing
  • Mobile testing
  • Security testing
  • Healthcare, Finance, Ecommerce, HRM, Game, SAAS product testing
  • Automation / Regression testing
  • Load / Stress / Performance testing
  • Keyword, Data, Hybrid driven framework Development


Each testing tool we use follows highly specific processes, which in turn yields post-test solutions to implement in your software and automation frameworks.



Software Testing company in India

Intellisqa  is a global Independent Software Testing  company in India. Intellisqa has office in Noida ,  Uttarpradesh. Our 50+ career testers work with a mix of enterprise and ISV (independent software vendor)   clients ranging from fortune 50+ companies in the US, Canada, America, India, Malaysia, Singapore, UK, Netherlands and Turkey.

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It is built based on best practices delivered over many years to clients globally. Intellisqa has strong competency in Banking, Technology, Healthcare, social, mobile, and Retail, Education and Gaming industries. Intellisqa is aggressively pursuing the Life sciences and cloud agenda to position strongly for the emerging paradigms.

Quality assurance



It is a way of preventing mistakes or defects in manufactured products and avoiding problems when delivering solutions or services to customers; which defines as “part of quality management focused on providing confidence that quality requirements will be fulfilled” from the client view. It’s a preventive measure in quality assurance differs subtly from defect detection and rejection in quality control, and has been referred to as a shift left as it focuses on quality earlier in the process.

Quality assurance comprises administrative and procedural activities implemented in a quality system so that requirements and targets for a product, service will be fulfilled. It is the systematic measurement, comparison with a standard, monitoring of processes and an associated feedback loop that confers error prevention. This can be contrasted with quality control, which is focused on process output.


Two principles included in quality assurance are:

“Fit for purpose” (product should be suitable for the intended purpose); and “right first time” (mistakes should be eliminated). QA includes quality management of raw materials, assemblies, products and components, services related to production and management, production and inspection processes.

Suitable quality is determined by product users, clients or customers, not by society in general. It is not related to cost and adjectives or descriptors such as “high” and “poor” are not applicable. For example, a low priced product may be viewed as having high quality because it is disposable, whereas another may be viewed as having poor quality because it is not disposable.


Quality Assurance Benefits:

  • Workers ability to act with integrity in customer interactions as a result of Management’s explicit commitment and support of quality values (Quality Policy: Management Responsibility)
  • Workers ability to refer to good policies and procedures to guide their interactions with customers (Quality System)
  • Workers ability to provide customers with accurate, up-to-date, correct and sensible information on specifications and technical data.
  • Workers not promising more than the organization is capable of delivering, through a disciplined approach to meet the customer’s requirements right in the beginning.
  • Increased customer satisfaction as a result of better dependability of product and service delivery (Design Control: Purchasing: Process Control: Handling & Storage: Servicing)
  • Increased customer satisfaction as a result of fewer problems with products and services (Inspection & Testing: Inspection & Test Equipment: Control of Non-conforming Material)